At Optimum Ship Services, we believe in the culture of “Do it the Right way“. We are fully implementing all the regulatory and industry standards, while continuously improving our Management System to safeguard the safety and health of our crew, our employees and planet environment. Each ship is equipped with up-to-date systems designed to exceed the acceptable levels of safe operation.

We operate under a Safety Management System in compliance with the IMO’s ISM code and comply with the Quality Assurance Standard ISO 9001, the Environmental Management Standard ISO 14001, the Occupational Health & Safety Management System ISO 45001, under the certification of American Bureau of Shipping.

Optimum Ship Services is committed to providing quality, safe and efficient sea transportation, in accordance with national and international laws, rules and regulations and industry standards and with the highest regard for the health and safety of its personnel and the protection of the environment in a highly ethical manner.

At Optimum Ship Services, we establish the Safety Day Program, an integral part of our safety program where it aims to ensure that everyone receives the proper information they need to stay safe on the job, which is our number one priority.

We always strive to meet and exceed environmental compliance with all applicable rules and regulations governing the marine industry. The company has in place an independent Environmental Compliance and Training team to ensure and verify full compliance, since the main function of the team is to protect the Company, its customers and its employees against the high risk of environmental non- compliance.

At Optimum Ship Services, Senior Management cares and recognizes the importance of visiting vessels randomly, in order to convey the Top Management commitment towards implementing the Company’s policies and objectives, verify the overall condition of the vessels and openly discuss with Officers and crew about safety, health, quality & matters of concern.

We are engaged to the Reflective Learning sessions, where office’s qualified and trained staff performs a dedicated trainings to our crew members, taking the time to embed learnings from incidents through open dialogue, to enhance our crew awareness and their hazards identification abilities.

We inspire our crew to both adopt and propose best management practises, creating Safety Competitions in order to transfer Safety Best Practices coming from one vessel across the fleet. At Optimum Ship Services, the crew opinions matters.


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